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The End of Cold Calling – Use Pop-By Gifts.


What are Drop-By or Pop-by gifts?

Try walking in with a little gift that lets them know they’re appreciated. The gifts are intended to deepen your relationship and provide an opportunity to connect.

It means the end of cold calling, as you know it!

60503-gbv2bgift2btagMost people add a catchy line with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately for inexpensive marketing purposes to promote their business.

They can become a favorite part of your business.

Each is done by hand, customized to the clients requirements.

These gifts, when customized, can include your name, company info and phone # with a quirkily, memorable tagline such as ‘Just Popping By to Say Hi’

Gift Basket Villas creates these are beautiful little gifts to be given to clients to create, maintain and grow relationships. There is no longer need for cold calling. These gifts ensure you’re are a welcomed sight.




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A Pink Ribbon Gift – Cancer Survivor Gift

Chemotherapy or Cancer Patients

Have you ever wondered what to give a friend who has had devastating news that they have cancer? This is a perfect gift for a friend who is a Cancer Survivor or Chemotherapy patient. These gift baskets are made with the most love and care.  
Courage, Hope & Strength are just a few things needed to fight breast cancer, why not let them know you are thinking of them by sending this beautiful gift basket. They will receive not only delicious comfort food gifts like candy, chocolate, cookies and Pink Ribbon Pasta, but some wonderful keepsakes as well including a Pink Teddy Bear wearing a Pink Ribbon T-shirt, ‘On the Wings of Hope’ Pink Ribbon Pin and a Courage, Hope, Strength Pink Ribbon Spiral Notebook and Pen Set. This is a perfect gift for a loved one or friend, or for use at any breast cancer fundraising event. 

Nationwide Delivery

Order your gift baskets online. At Gift basket Villas, our company delivers Nationally and is located in Raleigh and New Bern NC. We offer free nationwide ground delivery. We aim to offer you the best patient gift, whether that person is undergoing chemotherapy, a set back or just not feeling well – this is a great gift idea and gift basket. Order today! Our gift can be used as a Chemotherapy Treatment Patient Gift Baskets are attractive gifts that offer great benefits for cancer patients receiving chemo. 
Let us help you put a smile on your friend, family member who has chemo, cancer.  If you are in need of a special cancer survivor basket (such as a chemotherapy gift for anyone undergoing cancer treatment), just call us and we can accommodate changes in ribbon colors! Having had our own personal experience with cancer and knowing the energy it takes to get through chemotherapy, we have created the best cancer survivor gift basket around!  If you are looking for gifts for chemo patients or gifts for cancer patients, please consider our lovingly made cancer care gift basket for your loved one.
Each product that is found in our cancer survivor gift basket is with the variety of different treatments that a chemo patient bravely endures.  From nausea to boredom, our gift for chemotherapy, cancer, will surely put a smile on the face of the recipient. Whether you are able to be there in person or not, our cancer gift basket will brighten the patient’s day and offer a little moment of happiness while they explore the contents of this great gift!
Our chemotherapy gift basket is a great gift if you can not be with them in person.  You can still let them know you are thinking about them by sending this unique Chemo Care Gift Basket. This basket is designed to help them ‘feel better’ during their treatment by including stomach soothing peppermint candy, ginger candy, gourmet water crackers and herbal tea. We have also included a 144 crossword puzzle book to take their mind off things for a while. 
Give your chemo or radiation therapy care package today! Specify color of ribbon during checkout.

Contents Include:
Pink Teddy Bear with Pink Ribbon T-shirt
Courage, Hope, Strength Pink Ribbon Spiral Notebook and Pen Set – 60 pages
‘On the Wings of Hope’ Pink Ribbon Pin
Pink Ribbon Lollipop – 2 of them
McSteven’s Awareness Pink Hot Chocolate
Bloomsberry Pink Emergency Chocolate
Brown & Haley Cashew Roca Buttercrunch Candy
‘Time Out’ Strawberry Kiwi Dark Chocolate Truffles
Beth’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Primo Dolce Chocolate Truffle Cookies
Pasta Shoppe Pink Ribbon Pasta Bag
…in an Oval Dark Stained Gift Basket with Wooden Handles.

A portion of the proceeds from this product are donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to benefit breast cancer, education, screening and treatments.

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How to develop a Successful Gift-Giving Plan

Successful gift-giving plan

If you’re going to spend time and resources on a gifting plan, these five actions may help get your more customers than you need.  Components of a gift-giving plan: the customer, the gift, a card, wrapping materials, shipping/mailing and on-time delivery. Get these variables in gear and you’ll be set for a fantastic gifting program!

Brand your gifts

Help your customers see who you really are, show your colors, characteristics you want them to know about you or your company. Add your logo or business name to your gift. It’s a gentle reminder of where the gift came from, and best of all, it’s free marketing.

Personalized your gifts: customized whenever you can, however personalizing is so important, include a personal note with each gift.Write a Note

  • Write a quick note to say you wish them a happy holiday season, and add in a personal sentence or two.  This can take a time, however, personalized notes go a long way and their absence is noticeable when a gift is accompanied by a generic card.
  • Time it Right: Receiving a gift after the fact defeats any good intention you had. If the majority of your clients go away over the holidays, send your gifts on the earlier side.


Tried-and-true corporate gift ideas:

  • Personalized Gift baskets
  • Branded good quality pens
  • Personalized gifts or stationery
  • Branded, personalized business card cases
  • Tickets to an upcoming event
  • Universal device chargers
  • Customized/personalized products – mugs
  • Locally made products

The great thing about gift-giving is that you can do it any time of year – don’t limit yourself to the holiday season. You want your gifts to be memorable and you want to stand out from the crowd. The crowd sends gifts on holidays. You don’t want to be typical; do what makes the most sense and your small business will thrive – be authentic, be of service, be helpful and be thoughtful.

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Is Gift-giving Good for Your Business?

The lack of client gift-giving plan may be the one fundamental flaw in marketing your business, especially small businesses. A small investment nay potentially and exponentially outweigh the initial investment. Take for example a small gift that is given to a potential client that could result in thousands of dollars in income. This is the art of appreciation and go a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty.

This is not generally used only during the holiday season but giving gifts can benefit your business throughout the year. Let’s explore the gift-giving principle.

Why give gifts?

Duh, everyone loves to receive gifts. Gifting branded token items to your potential customers, new clients, vendors and not forgetting your present customers is a great way to highlight your business’s identity and values, to stay in front of your customers. Remember, they do not get up every morning thinking about you.

What does a gift do?

It’s meant to reflect your brand, your company values, personality and shows a level of generosity and implies that you care about individual relationships.  Your customers and vendors will recognize the significance of these factors in creating long-standing relationships with a business. This art of appreciation and small act of kindness has major ramifications on your brand perception, the likelihood of these customers returning, repeat business and they’ll tell it to everyone, resulting in increased referrals.

This is not just a nice to do, it also helps you with cold calling, gives you a reason to reach out to your customer base without asking anything. It is an easy way to reconnect with people who you haven’t been in regular contact and does not come across as a sales pitch.

Typically, the gift can be less than $5 each. You can write off the expense and it can help create goodwill with your customers without having to develop an expensive marketing plan.


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How to Brand Your Company

The Huge Difference Between Marketing and Branding

Branding helps clarify what you are (or aren’t). Marketing, on the other hand, will help your potential customers find your product.

Clarifying your brand helps display your attributes, personality, values

Branding should be one of the foundations of any marketing effort. Branding is not selling, but inviting your customers to use your services because they believe in your company, you or your product.  You can communicate this  through how you present yourself or your company – are you sloppy or polished, do you want to look like a villa or a townhome, do you want to be the grape or the wine?  It’s what sticks in your customer’s mind when they associated you with your product or service. For example, people may not remember their gift, but they will remember how it made them feel.

Social Media and Branding

The use of social media branding is like leading your Customers into first becoming Members of Your Club and they gradually start to know, like and trust you. The then become your Followers. Branding makes loyal customers. They then become great referrers who publicly furthers your cause, spreading your good news to those who need your service.  Keeping in front of your customers with branding helpers to consistently contact others who have shown their affinity for you and eventually show a spontaneous or natural liking to your products.

Branding is essentially an expression of who you are, the truth or value of your company, product, or service. It requires valuable, helpful content that is constantly being refreshed – new information, trends on the latest products and services, constant engagement, starting conversations.

The Bottom Line

To build your brand you must get to know your customers, constantly produce fresh and valuable content, and target your audience accordingly.

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Mother’s Day – Sunday May 13

Did you need a reminder that Sunday May 13th is Mother’s Day?  You still have time to thank her  for caring for you.

Reed B Markham clearly understands the role of a mother when he said that thoughtful mothers recognize that the joy of raising children comes in the daily journey, not in reaching a specific destination. Mothers are great for helping their young children activate their curiosity and is a child’s first creative teacher and give birth to a child’s dreams and are really the dream makers. He believed that every successful child is the product of an enthusiastic mother. Great mothers live lives of quiet optimism and hope. They recognize the unique talents each of their children possesses and provide opportunities for their children to enhance their unique talents and share them with the world.  A mother who knows makes sure their children are learning in a supportive rather than threatening environment. He also said that a  nurturing mother can get us to accomplish great achievement from a supportive environment. 

We are all a result of every experience and at this point, we choose to be the person we are and determine whether we like the person in the mirror looking back at us. Our experiences and who we are is a product of good (and sometimes not so much) nurturing mothers.

Take the time to let her know you appreciate her, let her know you understand how much she sacrificed, gave us the opportunities to use our talents, skills and follow our dreams. Send her a gift, flowers, a thank you note. If you haven’t seen her in a while, take the time to visit her. 

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Gift Basket – Individual & Business Trends

Gift Basket Business Trends

Market Analysis Summary
The gift basket industry has a few distinct segments including all-occasion gifts and baskets for individuals and customized gifts for businesses, generally known as corporate gifts. Both are typically for different reasons.

Gift Basket Villas Sports Gift Basket1Individuals typically buy the baskets when they need reach out to family and friends. Most of these sales occur during holidays or are sympathy gifts.

Corporations on the other hand, create marketing plans which may include gifts such as baskets as presents as well related to the holidays to keep in front of their customers but use them for marketing & sales to targeted customers.
There are many different “gift basket” or gourmet baskets, with a custom options at reasonable prices which may be more cost effective and leave lasting impressions.

These groups can be divided into:
Individuals- The individuals are people who are looking to give a friend, relative, colleague, etc., a gift basket as a gesture. Fairly straightforward.
Corporate – The corporate gifting service is typically utilized for token of appreciation, special event, a thank you for a customer including banks, health care, real estate, apartments, concierge at hotels, used at special events/promotions, corporate headquarters, vacation resorts members, insurance companies and auto dealerships. There are numerous industries and customer reach options.
Some companies use small “pop-by” gifts which can make marketing a whole lot more fun.