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Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

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The UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan) proudly welcomed Guy Kawasaki to the Haas School of Business. Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple and co-f…

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The Unforgiven

Make you put things in perspective!

My First Fantasy Novel


“Why do people do this?” Chris yelled into the windshield. “It’s called rush hour for a reason people! Get the hell outta my way!”

Chris jerked the steering wheel, cutting off a blue pickup in the left lane, and passing the red Ferrari with a roaring press to his gas petal. He never saw the disapproving gaze of the mother or the newborn sleeping in the back.

“It’s a Ferrari dumbass! Use it!” He immediately slammed his brakes. Ahead were miles of empty highway, but immediately in front of him dallied a blue Impala driving ten under the speed limit.

Profanities flew out of his mouth with spittle. “Can’t be late!” He pressed his vehicle just inches from the pokey driver’s bumper. He shifted the vehicle to the right, tires touching the dotted white line, and threw up his hand resting on the open window. He shifted to the left…

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Bystander Effect

“One of these days I’m going to leave this two-bit crumby apartment. I thought I had raised my children right, but after they grew up and became doctors and lawyers they stopped coming around.”

My First Fantasy Novel


One of these days I’m going to leave this two-bit crumby apartment. I thought I had raised my children right, but after they grew up and became doctors and lawyers they stopped coming around. Then,  my husband passed away. For two years I worked at the convenience store just at the end of Griffith  street for a meager paycheck and three gun-point robberies a year. This old lady doesn’t intend to make a fuss, you take what God gives you whether it is green earth or the filthy streets of New York City. It wasn’t, though, where I wished to live, not in a rubbish-hole of an apartment complex that charged too damn much; pardon my French. But that night God showed me something about people and perhaps that was why I was there. I’m not sure why he showed me this thing. I’ve always held it as a terrible…

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To Autumn

Reminds me of myself as a kid, felt like the odd one out!

My First Fantasy Novel


To Autumn,

Junior high school was something, huh? To anyone else, I would have been nothing more than a loser, lunching all alone at my Table of Solitude. But, not to you. Since I had found myself to be the odd one out, you were the first to invite me in from the cold shoulders and demeaning air that stirs around one of those empty tables.

You sat with the bad kids, but you never belonged there. No, I don’t know how you ended up there. A gorgeous amethyst cast before swine.  With courage and healing, you touched me, brought me in from the cold. With that single touch, you brought my eyes to you. But, whenever you glanced my way, I was shy and turned away.

I remember the day I sat across the table from you. We were surrounded by the others, too. When my drink slipped down…

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Marketing to Women: Just in Time Emails

The Lipstick Economy

Holiday marketing has begun. Does it matter when your email arrives in your target’s email box?  Well,  a new survey sheds light on how timing of an email reaching a recipient’s inbox affects engagement and purchase behavior.  Conducted in September 2012, the StrongMail Email Delivery Performance Survey 2012 included more than 700 business leaders participating in the global survey.  Some of the survey highlights include:

— 80% have seen performance increased for emails delivered during a particular time of day

— 61% cite a decrease in performance when emails don’t arrive at scheduled time

— 74% would like more control over the arrival of their campaigns

— 53% are not currently testing for an optimal delivery window for their email campaigns

— 61% are not currently doing any segmentation of email campaigns by time of day

When Consumers Prefer To Get Emails

Most consumers have a preferred time of day to…

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