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‘The Warm Kitchen’ has 150 recipes for gluten-free cooks – Los Angeles Times

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‘The Warm Kitchen’ has 150 recipes for gluten-free cooks Los Angeles Times Fothergill is an enthusiastic guide to making gluten-free foods that mimic their with-gluten versions, recipes she devised, she writes, with persistence and with the help of…

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The Miracle of Gravity

L.M. Sacasas

You have likely already heard two things about the space-epic, Gravity. You have heard that it is a visually stunning, anxiety-inducing thriller that immediately absorbs you into its world and does not release you until the credits roll. That is largely correct. You have also heard that Gravity is not really about space. It is really about the inner struggles of the main character, Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock. This is also true enough. But what exactly is Gravity trying to tell us about this inner human struggle being played out against sublimely rendered vistas of earth and space?

As Matt Thomas astutely noted, Gravity trades in both the natural sublime and the technological sublime. The first of these is a common enough notion: it is the sense of awe, wonder, and fear that certain natural realities can inspire in us. Gravity gives us plenty of…

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The Unforgiven

Make you put things in perspective!

My First Fantasy Novel


“Why do people do this?” Chris yelled into the windshield. “It’s called rush hour for a reason people! Get the hell outta my way!”

Chris jerked the steering wheel, cutting off a blue pickup in the left lane, and passing the red Ferrari with a roaring press to his gas petal. He never saw the disapproving gaze of the mother or the newborn sleeping in the back.

“It’s a Ferrari dumbass! Use it!” He immediately slammed his brakes. Ahead were miles of empty highway, but immediately in front of him dallied a blue Impala driving ten under the speed limit.

Profanities flew out of his mouth with spittle. “Can’t be late!” He pressed his vehicle just inches from the pokey driver’s bumper. He shifted the vehicle to the right, tires touching the dotted white line, and threw up his hand resting on the open window. He shifted to the left…

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