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The power of saying ‘thank you’ in business


Would you like to get more referrals than ever before? Or have suppliers go way above and beyond the call of duty? Mastering the art of thanking others could bring amazing results.

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“My guiding rules around gift giving to say “thank you” are simple:Put some thought into the gift; make it personal.Wherever possible have some fun with it.It’s not about the amount you spend, it;s about the relevance of the gift.Always include a note saying how grateful you are for their help and support.”

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3 Best Unique Gift Baskets for Men

Some men will be a tad bit embarrassed receiving a “Gift Basket”! They may appreciate  a toolbox or a fishing bucket much more.

1. Gift Baskets Villas Handyman’s Toolbox:

Toolbox Gift Basket for Him
Tool Box Gift

Every man likes to know that he’s appreciated. This will make an impression on the guy who doesn’t wants a “gift basket”.  This is a more appropriate gift for the guy who like savory snacks and can be found at  Gift Basket Villas which is an alternate choice to the traditional gift basket. It’s been designed to look like a toolbox, which makes it unique.

Inside this gift basket for men, you’ll find:

Mille Lacs Gourmet Pre-Sliced Beef Summer Sausage
California Smoked Almonds
Nunes Farms Spicy Cocktail Almonds
Pretzel Pete’s Sour Cream & Habanero Pretzel Nuggets
East Shore Cajun Pretzels
Sonoma Original Aged Cheddar Cheese Straws
East Shore Specialty Dipping Pretzels
Stone Ground Spicy Mustard
Deep River Zesty Jalapeno Kettle Potato Chips
Deep River Extra Sharp White Cheddar Popcorn Beth’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Angelina’s Sweet Butter Cookies
…in a 16″ Utility Toolbox Price: $64.99

2. For Him Gone Fishing!: Birthday Fishing Gift Basket

Gone Fishing Gift Bucket
Gone Fishing Gift Bucket

This Fishing Bucket is a unique design from Gift Basket Villas and Includes: Rustic Hand Painted Fishing Photo Frame – holds 4×6 photoMarbleized Porcelain Ceramic Mug with Fish Themed MessageEagle Claw Snelled Fish HooksFishing Bobbers – Assorted Sizes for All FishingThe Peanut Shop Hand-cooked Virginia PeanutsDeep River Salted Kettle Cooked Potato ChipsEast Shore Seasoned PretzelsBlue Crab Chesapeake Bay Seasoned SaltWhite Cheddar Flavored Cheese Spread Foccaccia Crisps Tuscan Style Crackers…in a Round Galvanized Tin Bucket with Brass Handles hand-tied with ”Happy Birthday” ribbon.

Price: $63.99

Golf Gift For Him
Golf Gift For Him

Need a gift for a golfer? This gift basket from Gift Basket Villas is a creative take on the traditional gift basket. It contains a huge selection of great snacks, all packaged in a cute golf cart gift tote. The gift basket includes:

GOLF-ING – one of the funniest books ever published on its subjected ”golfing”
Games Pocket Tips Book
Shoe Bag & Accessory Gift Pack – store and protect your shoes and includes a divot tool, ball marker, hand towel, club brush and more
Golf Ball Coin Bank
Score Caddy – Golf Counter with Chain To Keep Score
Practice Whiffle Golf Balls
Golf Design Ceramic Mug
Thompsons Milk Chocolate Golf Balls in Mesh Bag
”Golfer” Gummi Bear Box
Garden Vegetable Cheese Spread
Haute Cuisine Roasted Garlic Gourmet Crackers
Garlic Flavored or Original Beef Summer Sausage
Nunes Farms Roasted Salted Pistachios
Feridies Salted Virginia Peanuts
19th Hole Club Mix
Sonoma Original Aged Cheddar Cheese Straws
…in a Oval Dark Stained Basket with Side Handles.

Price: $128.99

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Do You Need a Corporate Gift-Giving Policy?

Building Relationships

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Office Gift

Corporate gift-giving is a way of recognizing business relationships, loyal customers and exemplary employees. By creating a gift-giving policy (within the guidelines permitted within your industry and the value of gifts your employees receive), you can protect your company’s reputation.You may want to set a dollar value limit on gifts, such as a maximum of $20-$25 per gift. A clear policy allows you to define parameters and to use the policy as an easy method to decline inappropriate gifts without risk of offending your customer, vendor or team relationships. Giving to the entire office or department is a method of sharing that will not offend anyone and not give the appearance of favoritism.

Why Worry about Gift-Giving

Industry-Specific : A policy on gifts is especially important if your business is in a regulated industry including healthcare, finance, government office. These industries/government offices have a set dollar value on gifts, such as a maximum of $20- $25 per gift and even per year. You should never allow the appearance of receiving a kickback which may influence regulated decisions. For example, a healthcare professional must not accept large gifts from a pharmaceutical company, because it might give the appearance of the company professional being bribed to prescribe certain medication. When in doubt, it’s best to create a no-gift policy. Many healthcare staff cannot even accept pens or small gift items from vendors. The penalties for kickbacks are extremely heavy, and these businesses don’t risk even the appearance of inappropriate gifts.

Coffee Gift-Basket Settng Policy on Elaborate Gifts to/from Customers

Setting a policy about what you or your company send to or receive from vendors or customers helps keep relationships professional. You don’t want your customers to feel beholden after receiving extravagant gifts, or to feel bad about declining such gifts. Having a corporate policy can be used as the basis for declination of a lavish gift. You or your appreciative customers may still offer you or your employees small well-thought out gifts, but make sure they comply with regulations for your industry.

Elaborate Gift Giving 

Keep in mind that expensive gifts can be seen as bribery.  Rules and guidelines for giving gifts, cash rewards help protect your your and your company’s image. It’s not only outsiders who suspect bribery at the sight of expensive gifts might influence decisions. therefore a corporate gift-giving policy takes this concern off the table.

Gifts Between Employees: There’s a fine line between customer/vendor relationships . You can’t regulate what work friends give each other on personal time, but you can set rules of ethics with work-related gift-giving events.Provide rules for dollar value limits and ensure that participation is optional. If gift giving is done in the office, make sure everyone understands that all items should be work appropriate.

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Why and What do Corporations give gifts?

Why Corporate Gifting Works?

I’m sure you’re aware most corporations give away gifts – awards to their employees, bonuses, time off, instant rewards etc. but, did you know they also use gifting to retain clients, thank the present ones for their loyalty and increase their customer base? The large companies generally have a gifting plan and are constantly looking for new ideas because they know that their clients are guaranteed to be impressed when they receive a gift. you go one step further, a small gift can help you create a connection and build a relationship with your customers.


Prospect, clients long to feel appreciated. Napoleon Hill, Mary Kay and psychologists have proven this. Find reasons to appreciate others with small gifts, etc. This may be for their support, their business or a thank you for a referral. This small investment has a huge potential for return in building relationships and creating loyalty.

GIFT: What feeling, thoughts do you think would someone feel if they open an elegant, handmade truffle? For me, it conjures distinctive style, quality and once your client tastes the perfect balance of flavor and texture, they’ll know that you’ve taken the time to not only send them a stay in touch gift, but a touch gift with style and elegance.

the unexpected.

Acknowledge an award, birthday, special day with a small gift. Your client, special person will never forget this because you are creating a nice experience for them. What I offer is an experience in pure luxury. It’s small, but it creates an experience that is different, unexpected, a little surprise and most likely unparalleled, because most people don’t take the time to send a token of appreciation, much less one that you’ve put thought into and of good quality.
Finally, I’d like to discuss the Know – Like- Trust Model
Trust is achieved through being visible, being likeable and building credibility. You do this over time. Giving mall gifts are thoughtful ways to stay in front of the important people in your life.
I have some of tools that can help you get your foot in the door, so that clients and prospects don’t forget you. Not just during the holidays, but if you know it’s her birthday, there’s a wedding, something special happens. Making a concerted effort will make a big difference. People are craving connection and appreciation AND a dark chocolate moment in a hectic day can always help.
I’m here to help. I am a resource for you if you’re looking for something efficient, elegant, cool, lots of choices so it doesn’t get boring and if you want something special. I can help.
Our Gifts Are Designed to:
* Help you achieve your goals in business
* Make you stand out
* Create a memorable experience for your prospects and clients so they think of you first
* Make your business life easier
What are you doing to get your foot in the door? I’ll leave you with one final thought from Under a Tuscan Sun “Life offers you a thousand chances …. all you have to do is take one.”
  • Business and corporate gifts are the perfect way to impress clients.
  • Stand out at your Make your next meeting or convention
  • If Need a gift to make your company look awesome.
  •  provide the type of outstanding business gifts that leave clients excited to work with you.

Why Corporations Give Gifts

Corporate gifts do more than just advertise a business or product. A successful gift will reinforce the business experience and enhance the image that the business aims to project. It reminds the client or worker that they are valued by the company.

The range and scope of corporate gifts is staggering. First Class travel and accommodation, gifts of computers or plasma televisions, long lunches and dinners in gourmet restaurants are all frequent corporate gifts in selected industries. Our list however, is intended to target a wider area of society where the intention is to communicate a positive image of a company and send a simple “Thank you, do come again” message to its clients or workers. Just about everything on the list lends itself to have a company or product logo applied.

Examples and Guidelines for Corporate Gifts:

  • Edible gifts are very popular Box of chocolates, gourmet food, box of fresh fruit, Cookie jar full of cookies, Bottle of good olive oil, Set of spices, cheese. If you are choosing something such as a box of chocolate fudge make sure  the company logo is visible there on the packet opening.

  • Coffee is another sociable kind of gift An inexpensive gourmet coffee gift, cappuccino cup and saucer set, espresso machine or decorative canister of good quality instant coffee are all useful gifts. Naturally many people prefer tea so also think of a tin of quality tea bags.

  • Mugs, glassware, coasters, wine stopper and bottle opening tool can all be customized to reflect your company’s style, from fun to financial. Even people who do not drink alcohol would keep cute shot glasses or beer glasses as they do just as well for soft drinks. Thermos flask, ice mug, wine cooler would also be popular.
  • Stationery. Think how much exposure your company would get from someone using sticky notes or memo pads that have your company logo on the upside. Pen (ball point, fountain), highlighter, pencil and pencil case, whiteboard marker, magnetic whiteboard with eraser, bookmark, business card stand, business card case, organizer, notebook, notepad, compendium, diary, telephone index, calendar, paper clip holder (?with colored paper clips), pen holder, in tray, pencil sharpener, novelty eraser, stapler with staples, tape dispenser with tape, mobile phone holder, desk or wall clock, calculator, photo frame for desk (or magnetic for filing cabinet), rechargeable batteries with recharger: the list is endless.

  • Computers/computer accessories are a great opportunity to advertise your product. A cordless mouse, mouse pad, USB flash disk, carry case, SIM card back up could all remind them of your business. A pen style laser pointer will add panache to a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Travel accessories  Things like luggage tag, travel lock, sewing kit, shoeshine kit, toothbrush/toothpaste set, passport wallet, and travel clock. Larger items like computer bag, conference bag, backpack and cabin case are also useful gifts.
  • Health and fitness is an area that can reflect your company’s concern. A gym bag, water bottle, sports bag, beach bag/towel, sports towel, jogging radio/MP3 player, skipping rope, stopwatch, pedometer, fat meter, digital thermometer, hot/cold packs and first aid kit all show that your company is in good health.
  • Car accessories improve the driving experience. Autoshade, mobile phone hands free set, air freshener, hand held vacuum, travel binoculars, travel tartan rug, seat covers, fun figure for the dashboard, or travel coffee mug and flask can go a long way to promote your product.
  • Outdoor/camping activities provide an opportunity to share leisure time with your clients.Golf balls and other golf accessories, beach chair, beach igloo, picnic blanket, picnic backpack or basket, BBQ set, fishing, compass, torch, Swiss army knife, Poly fleece jacket, Soccer ball or rugby ball, tennis balls/bag are excellent gifts for the active person.
  • Entertainment does not just mean taking a client out to lunch. . Enhance their time out with a CD, DVD, Voucher for cinema or theater tickets, organize a private tour of the latest art exhibition in your town.

  • A tie, scarf, t-shirt, sports jacket, football t-shirt, baseball cap, beanie, sun visor, manicure set, umbrella, watch, sunscreen, body lotion, shower gel or novelty soaps are a great corporate gift solutions.

  • Games can be good fun. Desktop darts, boule set, backgammon, pack of cards, chess set, yo yo, or board game could happily wear your logo.

  • Corporate gifts may eventually find their way into the home. 
  • Generally logos should be more discrete, perhaps cleverly incorporated into artwork or part of the design. Wall clock, tool set (screwdrivers are always useful), candle holder with candle, rechargeable torch, desk lamp, toothbrush holder, kids toys for the bath, kitchen accessories such as a knife set, colander, salad servers, tissue boxes with tissues, books. Just about anything can reflect your ingenuity.
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5 Steps to Memorable Gourmet Gift Baskets.

How To Make Gourmet Gift Baskets

Most people think that making a gourmet gift baskets is a simple task, and it can be. But to make one that stands out above the crowd takes some talent and design skills. Sure, we make it look easy, but don’t be deceived by appearances. It takes extensive research, hours of time, and loads of creativity. We, at GiftBasketVillas. made this guide to help you create your own awesome gifts using these simple steps:

 Gift Basket Ideas

The variety of ideas is almost endless and only limited by your imagination, talent, skills, colors, themes, the taste of the person receiving the gift. You may already have your own idea. However, the following short list of some of the most popular gift basket ideas:
Here are some criteria:
1. Pick a Theme, Personal Style or Individual Taste
As with any gift, you want to consider your recipient likes best and remember to be creative. What is their favorite pastime. Are they into gardening, fishing, sports?

2. Find Good Products
As we know all too well, finding good food can sometimes be a difficult. t’s not always easy to sort good from bad based on appearances. for trendy packaging, healthy ingredients, and beautiful labels. i
3. Pick a Beautiful Container
Baskets, crates, handbags, beach bags, beautifully printed boxes, and in the craft stores there are always great hammered tins can be used to beautifully display for your gift.
4. Non-food Products 
Great tasting teas will go great steeped in a beautiful cup with individual strainers. A mug may go with coffee but not all mugs go with gourmet coffee. You want to make sure these non-food items are useful and enhance your gift.5. Outside the Basket 

You can use any number of materials for this but if you want a little more elegance, go for a tea basket. With the tea basket you can be a actually incorporate a more delicate design. Head to your local craft store for the finishing touch, It will look beautiful and create a gift basket that’s sure to impress.

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What do you give the guy in your life who has everything?

What gift or giftbasket do you give the guy in your life who has everything?

Gift Basket Villas - OWner

So, what do you give the guy who has everything?

When a friend or family member already has everything, an experience lasts so much longer than a tangible gift. Also, a gift with a personal touch might mean the difference between a boring gift vs something truly meaningful; maybe something engraved, embroidered, or otherwise designed specifically for your recipient, you prove that you’ve put a little extra thought and effort into finding the perfect gift.

Other suggestions include:

  1. Adventure Tours: Check Hike Bike tours of Europe.
  2. Donation to charity of his choice
  3. Hot air balloon ride – if he likes heights
  4. Cooking class – in Italy!
  5. A ‘Stay-cation’ – a lot of people don’t visits sites close to home (check out museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions)
  6. Tickets to the Theater or other event
  7. Class – Look for local classes – Photography, design, any class he may enjoy
  8. Whitewater rafting – go with him so you can enjoy it too.
  9. Wine tasting
  10. A night out at a Local brewery or a manly basket or beer crate!