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A Mother Remembered!

So many people take for granted much of what or who has influenced them to be the person they are today. Some mistakenly assume that life will be easy because of how intelligent or skilled they are. We’re all actually the sum of our experiences, and of significant people we have encountered in our lives.

Many people who have influenced our lives may have inadvertently set examples without even trying. Unfortunately, many of us miss some of the greatest examples and the opportunity to thank them for being there during such an important time and place in the universe.

One of these great life lessons that you may need to think about this Mother’s Day – think about the path you’ve been on and who has helped you. It may not be a Mother but someone significant. Do you remember that one person who has influenced you and the little ones around you? Take time to remember and send a note, a gift or make that phone call.

Create a beautiful and lasting memory.


I just delivered a gift from someone in Texas to their Grandmother in NC. What I loved was that she lives in a retirement “Villa” (which is a really a tiny one bedroom).She is so beautifully dressed with her pearls. I sent a delivery confirmation with her picture and this is the kind of response that warms my heart!
“You just made our day. We haven’t seen a picture of “Grandmother” for several years. She is the mother of my late husband. Thank you.”
Giving isn’t alway for the recipient, sometimes it leaves lasting memories for the giver and the grandkids will have a beautiful picture to remember.

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Bread, Wine & Salt

Do you know what they symbolize?

These are some items that are given to new homeowners and rooted in traditions from the “old country”. If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of an item, here’s a handy guide.You can create a beautiful gift basket and can make jars/candles special with fabric or lace and tying with a ribbon or raffia.

  • Bread: So you may never know hunger.
  • Wine: Symbolizes joy, prosperity and happiness
  • Candle: May you dwell in light and happiness.
  • Salt: May your life may always have flavor.
  • Honey: Enjoy the sweetness of life.
  • Sugar: May your life always have sweetness.
  • Coin/Money: May you dwell in good fortune.
  • Broom: To help sweep away any evil and bad luck.

Tucking a handwritten note with the meaning and a framed picture of their new house would leave a lasting memory.P1310503Gift Basket Villas