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Top 6 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Plan

reliable imports - reach out giftWhat is the reason for gift-giving in the corporate world? Corporations need to grow by:

  • Increasing their client base
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Maintaining good employees

The benefits of corporate gifts are numerous to:

  1. Increasing employee cohesiveness through teamwork awards.
  2. A way to reward specific employees
  3. A strategy to attract and maintain customers
  4. A method to build brand image,
  5. Stand out from the crowd – recognition among their peers
  6. Increase customer loyalty.

How to Build Loyalty

Potential customers need items that can make them remember your company brand or image. There needs to be a token of appreciation and an extra-ordinary benefit, if you want to stand out from the competition. There are so many others in your field that are not providing these small extras to attract customers and to make a connection with your company. This can help brand your company, and communicate your style of business.

Employing a corporate gifting strategy is one of the best investments your company can make, it is unexpected and it can make your job so much easier.

What kind of Corporate Gifts?

  • Internal Gift-giving
    • Corporate gifts can be internal to the company.  A manager or executive can give to their employees to let them know that they are the company’s most important asset and resource. These internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to the staff,  other managers, company executives or other stake holders who are involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.This is often done to build cohesiveness and increase morale.
    • Internally – for employee loyalty, reward for good work,
    • Rewards help workers recognize their part in the big picture of the company. If a worker deserves a reward for their hard work, a corporate gift to that person can help him or her feel like their work is noticed by management and executives.
  • External Gift-giving

These are gifts the company gives to their customers and clients. The gifts could be given to new clients, in an effort to stand out from the crowd. External gifts can also be given if the company:

  • Reward client loyalty.
  • To maintain a relationship with the company.
  • Corporate gifts can help the stakeholders feel their investments are worthwhile and are appreciated. 


Build A Company’s Brand and Image

It’s interesting what gifting can do for a company. When a company provides a free corporate gift, it may be the incentive that the client may need. Many clients may jump at the opportunity to begin a professional relationship with the company because of gifting practices.


No matter how small the gesture, these presents can:

  • Help clients associate brand image,
  • Build loyalty to clients, and
  • Often attract new customers.
  • Help Build relationships
  • Bring instant recognition

How to Attract New Customers and Clients
With a gift at hand, the customer now has something visual to remind them of that company.

How to Build Networks
Corporate gifts may not just be simply be a t-shirt or pen with the company logo on it. However, many corporations may give away products that are not available to the market yet and shows clients that they are unique.

How to Create Brand Recognition
Other corporate gifts are longer-lasting or have dual purposes and may be useful in day-to-day activities. Almost everyone loves a gift or gift basket that may include branded:

  • Memo-pads,
  • tote-bags,
  • key chains,
  • notebooks,
  • Other office supplies.
  • A gift basket with a message or logo

The company’s image or logo on the gift will be a consistent reminder.


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Searching for A Father’s Day Present?

Are you searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift from the kids, for your Dad, for your brother? The perfect gift lets him know how much you or the kids care and the gift ideas below will definitely put a smile on his face.

Craft Beer from the Local Brewery

From you, not the kids! If your he loves beer, you should consider taking him to the local pub, the local brewery for those flights or giving him some specialty beer! There are some fantastic selection of microbrews. Amongst craft beer enthusiasts, these beers defines e7288u_Craft-Beer-Snacks-Basketxcellence and will make him extremely happy. You can create your very own Craft beer gift basket featuring top-ranking IPAs, Ales and Belgian-style beer. Seek out some of the amazing high ranking and award winning microbrews that you can find locally and you can’t go wrongIf you haven’t given craft beer, you are missing out on a getting to a beer lover’s heart. Beer lovers are notoriously in search of adventure, romance and enlightenment. Be careful, you may get more than you bargained for. 

Sending beer as a gift delivers smiles, at a minimum, to both parties. . These are great craft beer gift baskets! If he’s a beer lover, you can gift him a collection of microbrews to try.  There are so many to choose from to put in a gift basket. Here are some descriptions that can help you choose:

  • German-style – lager  – think  malt, hops
  • English-style  –  pale ales, porters and stouts 
  • American-style – pine, citrus and resin
  • Belgian-style  – Think fruity, spicy ales or sour beers
  • Belgian-American | fruity and spicy Belgian with hops

If he likes to drink wine, beer, the hard stuff or a combination of all three. This can make an amazing Father’s Day Gift Basket that he’ll enjoy. If he loves wine, consider signing him up for a “wine of the month” club, or give him a few bottles of his favorite. You can do the same thing if he enjoys drinking . Buying him a bottle of his favorite, the most popular types include: vodka, whiskies (Scotch, Irish, Canadian and Bourbon), rum, gin, tequila, and brandy are also a great ideas.

From the Kids – Let them Make Cake

Another great Father’s Day gift is for kids to be involved in the gift-giving. Help them make a special cake.He also appreciate to cookies, brownie, and ice cream cakes. This is a perfect if you’re having Father’s Day barbecue.  If it’s too difficult for them to make dad the cake from scratch, order one with a special message on it!


Does your dad/husband/brother have a favorite TOOL1404_500__15468.1415764740.1280.1280sport or sports team?

You can give him tickets to watch other sports, such as basketball and football, but he’ll have to wait until the season begins to attend the game. great Father’s Day gift is to give him some tickets to a game in a gift basket filled with snacks. If he happens to love baseball, you may even be able to take him to a game on Father’s Day! Y


Gourmet Food 
Dads, with few exceptions, love to eat. I’ve never met one that will pass up food. So create a Father’s Day Gift Basket filled with all of his favorite foods.  If your dad likes to grill, you can make a gift basket filled with special marinades and grilling supplies and beer of course or whatever he likes to drink. If he likes to fish, create a manly man tackle gift-box with fishing supplies, gourmet food and beer, of course. Gift baskets include almost anything for the men in your life. Fathers love pub snacks, gourmet candy, even gourmet meats and how about those beef jerky!

Gift Cards

Last but not least, the simplest gift are Gift cards especially from his favorite store.  You can still use these in the Father’s Day gift baskets.

Ideas include giving him a gift card:

Favorite restaurant,

sporting goods store, or

Even to buy some new clothes!

These gifts offer the perfect way to show your dad, the father of your kids,  any guy in your life, how much he means to you.

If you don’t have time to go shopping, consider ordering a Father’s Day gift.