Gift-Giving Rocks!

One of my best deliveries thus far. The guy in the picture, received an unexpected package from his best friend from college that said “You Rock”. The sender also asked if I could sing a song….I said NOT. When I delivered the gift, I told him what his friend asked and said I would sing Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ if I could. Funny thing, he started singing it and I joined in (my friends and family would be horrified if they heard that I sang) but we were so caught up in the moment.


I then asked if it would be ok to send his friend a picture. He was so excited, he ran back into the office and found his college coffee cup. I sent his friend the picture and he was pleasantly surprised that a gifting company would do this. He said it was awesome, and that he loved the picture. No doubt that gifting helps retain lifelong friendships.


When I was A Little Girl We Didn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

When I was a little girl, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what it even meant. Now, I am so excited and almost can’t wait for the end of the year with all the wonderful holidays.

Now it’s right around the corner! This is definitely one of the highlights of my year though it used to be so much more fun with  the family around. Being a part of a huge family, there’s nothing like sitting around the table on Thanksgiving with more food than we probably had the rest of the year. We used to gather around one of the siblings tables with so many teeny tiny kids running around. Where did those days go? I miss them so.


I remember getting together at my house with tee other family members we hadn’t been able to see in awhile. We stand around talking, laughing, making wise cracks or running around with the kids. The day may begin with Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, great coffee, and some NY bagels, lox and cream cheese or just a huge pot of coffee . At times  each family member is asked to make a dish over the years,  we’ve found our favorites.

I am never asked to make the turkey…long story. Now that I am the owner of Gift Basket Villas, I bring a basketful of snacks, great while we cook!

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