Meet Brenda

Island Girl

An island girl, born on the beautiful island of Trinidad, and raised in Queens Village, NY when it was the place to bring up families – playing on the street until the lights go out. The 2nd of 7 kids with 8 more kids living across the street.


Loved living that uncomplicated life where it was a kid’s job to go to school, do homework so you can play.

Stupid Move

Eloped, (long story – I have so much I could tell my younger self). Graduated from college in NYC with an Environmental Health Science degree and entered the adult world with a naivety that embarrassed me later in life.

Phase of Life

Opened a restaurant in the Caribbean but couldn’t live there so move back after 3 years. ,  Went back to college for Masters in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health.


Currently a feisty Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager trying, for the last 28 years, to keep technicians from killing themselves and getting tired of it. About to just let them do what they want! Not, I like them too much….maybe just the ones I don’t like, just kidding.

Love walking traveling, family weekends, being at home (yes a true homebody) and encouraging others to grow themselves to discover that light outshines darkness.

Last Phase

Owner of Gift Basket Villas. Love seeing people smile. I have a superpower, I can make people smile, what’s yours? 🙂