How to Use A Pop-By Gift

Have you ever thought how easy it is to keep in touch with your clients and market with Pop-By gifts. It’s is cost-effective and can be the funnest part of your job.

A Pleasant Surprise Gift

Remember how nice if felt when someone surprised you with your favorite snack? It made you feel really special that you were remembered.  Your customers and clients feel the same way when you pop-by their workplace with a small gift, known as a Pop-By or Drop By gift. It not only lets them know you’re thinking of them but that you took the time to visit, to sit and chat over a cup of coffee or tea especially if the tag on the Pop-By says “Just Popping By to see what’s brewing”.


Creating Relationships with Pop-Bys

Pop-Bys are great ways to enhance your relationships, personal and professional. It may seem like a simple appreciation gift but it makes people feel special, they are acknowledged and appreciated. People don’t get up every morning saying “I really need to get it touch with ….” You need to keep front of mind and this is a great way to stay ahead of the crowd. Do you stand out from your competition? Do you think your competition really takes the time to make people feel special? Those who are successful, do!

Remember to add a quirky tag and your business card to your gift! Also, let the gift ask for the referral or do the thanking.

Make a list

Get on your computer and make a list of those who you want to create a relationship, touch base with and are your top clients that could help with referrals or who can expand your business.

Pop-By Ideas for

reliable imports - reach out gift

• Accountants – includes aspirin, a calculator and a stress ball
• Gardening customers – in the springtime
•A teabag and pretty teacup
• Batteries for smoke alarms
• An apple – “Your referrals is the core of my business”
• a pear – offer a “Pear of Helping Hands”

What to say when you Pop-By

  1. “I’m going to be in your area (nput date) between [time of day]; I’d love to  pop-by , say ‘Hi’ and see how you’re doing.”
  2.  “If I can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I value our relationship and want to build my business by working with great people like you.”
  3. Making sure the gift says “I’m never too busy for any of your referrals.” or say it to them as you leave.

Keep a stash of Pop-Bys

pop by


Always, keep some handy Pop-By items in your car. Make sure it can be kept in the heat or cold and that it’s not perishable so you can readily pop-by a customer if you happen to be in the neighborhood.




What are Drop-By or Pop-by gifts you ask?


Pop-bys are simply a small gift given to clients face-to-face. They are intended to deepen your relationship and provide an opportunity to connect. Most people add a catchy “tagline” with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately to promote their business.

A Quirky Gift

A well thought out Pop-By gift (or a Drop- By gift) can help to make you stand out from the crowd and become one of the funnest part of your business. It’s simply a small gift given to clients face-to-face as you drop by for a few minutes to chat.  It’s been shown that Pop-bys can fundamentally deepen the relationships you have with your clients and the referrals you receive. How cool would it be if you no longer need for cold calling! 

How Pop-Bys are made
Each is done by hand, customized to the clients requirements including:

  • Name
  • Company Info60503-gbv2bgift2btag
  • Phone #
  • Email address
  • A quirky referral or
  • thank you message

If you are a realtor, you may be a follower of Brian Buffini and you surely know what a pop-by is. You may want to check out a really good examples in “Pop By Ideas – 25 Examples from the Pros” By Emile L’Eplattenier in FitForBusiness.

Drop- By with an Inexpensive Marketing Gift

These gifts ensure that you’re are a welcomed sight.They are intended to provide an opportunity to connect. Most people add a catchy line with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately for inexpensive marketing purposes to promote their business and can really get people to know, like and trust them.

The Best Gift is a Unique Gift Basket

85d2b-me1When was the last time you gave a gift that truly meant something and made the other person feel special? Have you tried sending a personalized Gift Basket. It can be so unique and different from anything else the person has ever received. Almost anything you can imagine, can be placed in a basket. You dream up the idea and it can be done.

What about gift basket for Grandma? If she’s still around, those precious times will remain forever memories.


Today, most of us lead such hectic lives that we struggle to balance our everyday lives – dealing with the demands of work, family, friends, clients, kids soccer games, and all those routine things that life throws at us.

The reality is that, sadly, we sometimes we forget to show our appreciation for those closest to us – and all the other special people in our lives get overlooked.

It happens to everyone, so don’t feel guilty, just start making these important folks a priority in your life. Take some time out of looking at TV and write your list, write a note or stop off for a box of their special chocolates. If you have the time, create a gift basket of the things that they enjoy – fruit gift basket, snacks, cookies, spa products, anything you know they’ll enjoy to show that they are appreciated.  Show them your affection — a thoughtful, meaningful gift they will love.

There are many reasons to give gifts to show you care. Here are some of the best reasons that you will want to remember for your loved ones.

So Many Special Day in Their Lives

Remembering your loved ones during special events will make them feel so appreciated. So many reasons and occasions:

  • pink envelope with a thank you card isolated on whiteA newborn in the family
  • A kosher basket,
  • A basket for baptisms or christenings,
  • Newly engaged,
  • High school graduations,
  • New employee,
  • Promotions at work, awards, accomplishments
  • House-warming events, or
  • Milestones – retirements, going away to college, becoming a teen
  • A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.



He’s Going Fishing

A birthday comes around just once a year and it is important to recognize this day. Let them feel the art of appreciation by  celebrating that special day by getting them the perfect birthday gift basket.

coffee tea71WFiEIlT7L._SL1004_


Anniversaries can be for anything – make it up. The 1st time you saw each other, the special place you met, the special treat you shared.Share a gift basket by marking the special occasion for a parent, sibling, or friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Calling and dropping by with the perfect gift basket is the perfect way to mark any memorable occasion.



Send your condolences during times of loss and letting them know that you’re thinking about them during tough time will bring tremendous comfort. A thoughtful gift basket will send the message that your loved ones are in your thoughts to send a care package or sympathy basket.

Employee appreciation:

Showing your employees that you appreciate is about the best way to build team spirit. A gift basket is perfect for co-workers, with a variety of options to suit anyone’s tastes, hobbies, a basket of doughnut, bagels or snack can show them that their hard work is appreciated and can do wonders to build good workplace relationships.

Thinking about you gift basket or just because!

Finally, what’s better than taking a gift basket to someone for no special reason and when they ask what’s it for and you say “just because” Surprise your loved ones with a special gift basket because you care about them. It will put a smile on their faces that you haven’t seen in a long time and definitely make their day or cheer them up if they were in a slump!


Journey To Gift Baskets

85d2b-me1The next phase of my life is not about making money, but about making a difference in my life and other people’s lives. My passion and focus now is on how I can help my family, and professionally, to help my customers keep in touch with their clients. This will also help them improve relationships in their professional and personal lives. There were dual purposes for starting my business, Gift Basket Villas, to change the trajectory of my life from the mundane to the extraordinary and to help others become more successful in their relationships through the fun and creative art of appreciation.

If every morning Mon-Fri you go to work in a dreary 9-5,  stressing about work you don’t enjoy, this is not a way to live, yet we need to do it to have a roof over our heads and food to eat. Working 8 hours a day 5 times a week on something that at which you may be burnt out, or with people you don’t like is not the way to live life to the fullest. Though sometime we need to do this to get to where we want to be. We need to decide:

  • How much money can we afford to spend on traveling right now
  • How much time can we spend on our hobbies/passions?
  • How do we take care of ourselves so that we are healthy enough to enjoy the things we want to in retirement?
  • What should do it differently?
  • How can we carve out time out of our present circumstances to be happy now and prepare for the future?
  • What do we want to do now to enjoy our lives?

Is working for money a good enough motivation?

I received some advice as a young career woman starting off as a safety compliance officer. My Area Director explained that I have 3 choices in life:

  1. Make lots of money – hate the job, and that may be okay for you.
  2. Make little money – love the job, and that may be okay too.
  3. Make little money – hate the job, then it’s time to move on!

I used to really enjoy my job, but I’ve been doing it for over 26 years and it’s time to move on!

This is my day job.

One thing I did, starting in my 30s, was to travel. It taught me that I should have exercised more, gotten involved in physical activities. By the time I reached my 30s, I was not in the condition I needed to be in, to do all that I wanted – to hike mountains, bike though vineyards, rock climb etc. I was however, lucky to get a chance to do some of before I had to give up the strenuous activities. I’ve traveled quite a bit and I’m glad that I fit travel in when I was younger (and had the energy).

I often ask myself, what is the point of saving and not enjoying  your daily life, just so you can enjoy retirement?  My answer came years later when I was able to afford to live where I wanted to in retirement.


I have saved all my life, and still work my day job, but am slowly transitioning into my role as CEO of my life and my business, Gift Basket Villas and this is my passion:

Award winner
Signature gift

I have learned that I need to find time to:

  • Take classes I enjoy that will lead to hobbies
  • Decide on a % of my salary that I can comfortably allocate as crazy money – for traveling, buying what I really want, spending on frivolous things.
  • Allocate a % of my salary for retirement and then not worry about retirement
  •  Create goals, develop hobbies so I have something to do in retirement and not wait until I get there to decide

Money over Health and Passion
I am finding that I no longer value money over my health and passion. When what we do no longer is a journey you want to be on, it’s time to get off that train, to start living fully and in the moment.

No obstacle should stop us from achieving success
When we really enjoy what we do, nothing should stop us from getting to where we want to be. Our working careers will consume our lives, if we let it. There is no other way around this, unless we are independently wealthy, marry rich or come from a wealthy family or work our butts off to make the money, then realize we’re OLD. Too old to enjoy life.

Next Phase: The Future 

I’ve pretty much lived by the 1st choice – good job, decent salary. However, I’m ready to move on. I am no longer that young woman and I need to  stay true to myself.


Tips For A Successful Gift Basket Business


Let’s have a heart to heart about your gift basket business. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you’ve marketed and marketed, spent tons of money on reaching your market . You’ve given away baskets upon baskets, because everyone wants a free basket for a door prize or a charity or just because it’s beautiful and they think it’s easy, anybody can do a basket, right!  Your family and friends think it’s all play and no work. They haven’t seen the detail that goes into creative design or the long hours you spend creating beautiful handmade bows, adding the extra touch that makes someone proud to give the gift basket to their clients, employees, friends and family.

Finally, you’ve become successful, your clientele grows and the doubters have realized that you were not just playing – this is lucrative business. People don’t have the time or the interest in creating gifts, but gifting is one of the ways we create and retain relationships.

Create beautiful things!P1340017
Now that you’ve gotten those clients who would rather pursue their passions like hiking, biking, golfing, gardening than creating gifts, it’s  so important to keep these fantastic clients. Do you know what can you do to make sure your clients who have funded your passion and dreams stay with you over the long haul?

Tip #1

Become an advisor.

One way to keep your customers coming back again and again is to become an advisor. Help them figure out their needs. Ask questions – color, style, likes of the giftee and make yourself someone they can turn to when they run out of ideas. Offer advice and insight, but only if they ask you a question or for your advice. It is a bonus gift – your expertise as a gift designer.

Tip# 2

Follow through. 

People don’t wake up every morning thinking they need to call you. And if they do, it’s probably too late and they’re going to be in emergency mode.

follow through.jpg

Tip # 3

Get Away from the Computer and Pop-By

Every heard of a pop-by or a drop-by gift?  It asks for the referrals, so you don’t have to. Use your skills as a designer to create memorable ‘Pop-bys’ which are small gifts given to clients face-to-face when you pop by or drop by their place. They help deepen your relationship and gives you an opportunity to connect. Most people add a  tagline that’s sometime cute, sometime corny but it has the impact that you’re looking for. It helps them remember you.


The gifts make it fun, memorable, and unabashedly asks for the referral so you don’t have to. it can be an effective part of your marketing to promote your business or their business. They can become one of the favorite parts of your business. Pop-bys show your customers the true value of your dedication to them and the care you take to think about them.

Tip #4

Keep front of mind.

Sometimes clients drop-by away. Make sure they keep you in the front of their mind by touching base on a regular basis.

  • Connect with them on social media and send them information from which they might benefit.
  • Send them a hand-written note. Keeping your customer in mind will help them remember you and that they need your services.
  • Get away from the computer and visit your customers. Pass by and just say ‘Hi’ with a Pop-By gift. Here are some great options: Pop-by Ideas 25 examples from the Pros.  Surprise and delight your customers and they’ll come back for your services again and again.


New Bern, NC – Pretty, Friendly and Serene.

We’ve recently found the prettiest little town, New Bern NC. It is the town where everyone see but don’t usually stop because they are either because they’re headed to the beach or too tired to stop off on the way back home. It’s that town that you mention and folks usually say…yeah, it’s that place with all the bridges and lots of sailboats.


New Bern is approximately 35 miles from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is located where the the Neuse and Trent rivers meet on the east coast of North Carolina. This area is aptly referred to as The Crystal Coast. The average temperature in July is a high of 88 and the average January low is about 34.


Restaurants & Cultural Scene
There are frequent festivals that bring many people the charming downtown area that has several interesting restaurants. Hope you have a car. New Bern is a sleep town, so not a lot of excitement. Great place to relax and get away. Check out Tryon Palace – lots of history


  1. The Aquarium at pine-Knoll: (it’s small but lots of cool animals)
  2. Fort Macon Also if you want to take a drive – Atlantic Beach is approximately 40 minutes away.
  3. Check out this site too:

I agree with the reviews on Trip Advisor, though (if you have a car) I’d also include the Sunrise/Sunset Italian restaurant on the outskirts of the town, in Fairfield Harbor. There’s a reason they call it that – great view at Sunrise and Sunset.

View of Sunrise/Sunset Restaurant from our boat


Don’t forget to check out our store Gift Basket Villas, recently relocated on a part time basis to New Bern, as well as a location in Raleigh for your customized and personalized gifts and gift baskets – all occasion, corporate gifts and drop-by/pop-by gifts.


Branded Gifts Keeps You Top-of-Mind

85d2b-me1Stay Top of Mind

So many of us are really bad at “sales”. I’m here to tell you that sales is no longer a dirty word. It can be made exciting if you develop a gifting program It is also less than expensive than traditional marketing. Instead of cold calling, drop by with a small gift which says “Your Referral is My Best Compliment” or thank your referrer with a some tea and cookies and they will remember you. Stay Top-Of-Mind with drop-by and Pop-by gifts. They’ll no longer dread seeing you and will be salivating when you show up.
Successful corporate gifting programs cultivate an emotional connection with you, your company and your brand.

So how do you ensure your corporate gifting program and marketing plan keeps your brand in mind the morning after? And how do you maintain it beyond the morning after? Be Different, Brand yourself and sure your product is useful.


Be Different
Thoughtful design takes the old, worn ideas and converts them into gifts that stay on desks, in women’s purses and the executive’s pockets.

Branded Yourself – by color, style, logo
No one wakes up every morning remembering you. Keep your brand top-of-mind with gifts, marketing products that remind recipients of your brand.
Make sure your product is useful
If not, it’ll go into the circular bin. Choose a gift designed for use and where they may be thinking of your brand when the time is right.

Your Presence is The Best Present.


If you wake up every morning being grateful for your life and living your passion, following your life’s heart language, living your purpose – your life will be phenomenal, extraordinary. Alive people radiate, they shine, they smile often. The person you are today is the result of all your experiences. Your friends and family accept your presence and love you for the person you’ve become. However, ask yourself if you’re fun to be with, if not change the person you are. .

Remember to enjoy each experience in life and that tough times give you the opportunity to learn something new. Until you’ve accepted yourself and know your full self-worth, you’ll continuously seek other people’s approval, just to feel good about yourself. The life we have left is a gift. Cherish and Enjoy it now, to the fullest.

Do what matters, now!

Make the time for what does matter … now, today. We have this life once. How are you choosing to spend it? What is in your heart and why wait? Can you imagine a world where we each live our purpose, love ourselves and each other as we are? Why not start open-heartedly communicating with one another?

greek isleThings you can change:

  • Travel more – open your mind
  • Make new friends,
  • Find someone to love,
  • Go after your dreams.
  • Learn About Different Cultures.


We can enjoy life now and pursue our dreams today. If we LIVE for the present, we can also choose to plan for the future. Like the Zen masters say, we can just BE, we are free to be the people we were born to be and make our world a better place by following our true hearts callings.

Act of Kindness
Here are some really tough decisions I’ve made: sold the house I lived in for 18 years and move away with what could fit in my car, bought a dream house I never in a million years thought I could ever afford, gave up climbing towers, gave up hiking, gave up indoor rock climbing due to a recent injury but replaced it with sailing, power boating, biking and fishing.

I‘ve chosen to follow my passion and I am now the proud owner of Gift Basket Villas. We customized and personalized Gift Baskets to let your friends, family and customers know you’re thinking about them. We create and design corporate gifts and we essentially help you maintain & create relationships, express gratitude, sympathy & ask forgiveness.This is our passion. Let us help you find time for your passions. There is such a thing as great quality, inexpensive gift baskets.


One thing I know for sure is that one door closes and others open. It’s all a matter of perspective. I have chosen to look for a new love. Life can change for the better if you give it a chance, even after giving up all that you thought you knew and open the mind to exploring outside your comfort zone. There are so many ways to change who you are if you don’t like what you see. Give your friends and family the gift of your pleasant presence.

How Long Do You Have to Give?


What would you do if you were told you had 6 months to live? What would you give? Who would you give to? How would you choosing to spend it and with whom? I would give experiences to my nieces, nephews, sisters, brother and friends. I’ve started already, though I really hope I have more than 6 months to give.

I’ve opened my mind to exploring outside my comfort zone, to travel, make new friends, find someone to love, go after my dreams, learn about different cultures. I know for sure that opportunities open up when doors close.


Can you imagine a world where we each live our purpose, love ourselves and each other as we are? I’ve chosen to follow my passion (the proud owner of Gift Basket Villas), to find love and to live in this quaint little town of New Bern.


I hope I have at least 6 months to live, I definitely want to Live each moment, Love those around me and belly Laugh as much as possible.

Make time for what matters and gauge yourself by asking: How much fun am I to be with?

Brenda, GiftBasketVillas

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How Do You Make Friends?

The Easy Answer:

Come bearing gifts!

How to Build Relationships and Loyalty

Have you ever seen a food frenzy at the office? Someone brings in bagels or donuts and everyone is instantly hungry and can’t stop thanking the generous giver.

The same way we maintain friendships – by giving of our time, our resources and ourselves is the same method to use for our customers. Potential customers need items that can make them remember your company brand or image. There needs to be a token of appreciation and some type of benefit – sometimes extraordinary gift giving, sometimes not so much. Almost always, it’s the ordinary that maintains relationships – a chat, a note, showing up with popcorn, tea and cookies or a bagel and cream cheese.

A Client Touch Gift

If you want to stand out from the competition. There are so many others in your field that are not providing these small extras to attract customers and to make a connection with your company. This can help brand your company, and communicate your style of business.

Employing a corporate gifting strategy is one of the best investments your company can make, it is unexpected and it can make your job so much easier.

What kind of Corporate Gifts?

  • Gift-giving Within the Corporation
    • Corporate gifts can be internal to the company.  A manager or executive can give to their employees to let them know that they are the company’s most important asset and resource. These internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to the staff,  other managers, company executives or other stake holders who are involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.This is often done to build cohesiveness and increase morale.
    • Internally – for employee loyalty, reward for good work,
    • Rewards help workers recognize their part in the big picture of the company. If a worker deserves a reward for their hard work, a corporate gift to that person can help him or her feel like their work is noticed by management and executives.


These are gifts the company gives to their customers and clients. The gifts could be given to new clients, in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

At Gift Basket Villas, we work with our customers to develop tailor-made  promotions and incentive programs to generate interest, engagement and loyalty, at minimum cost.

Ever Heard of Client Touch Gifts?

Our exclusive range of reward and recognition gifts and gift ideas serve as the perfect incentive to influence and change the behavior of your customers, friends, associates and employees. See how easy it is to get a referral that could result in thousands of dollars for your company, with one invaluable drop-by gift. Further discussion to come on drop-by and pop-by gifts.

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