Did We Take Life’s Simple Pleasures For Granted?


The Phenomenon of the Soccer Mom

Endlessly ridiculed, openly mocked — the ubiquitous Soccer Mom holds her place in our society as often nothing more than a sounding board for ill-intentioned observations.

Scorned for being too prepared, too eager, too helpful, too pretty and too nice, Soccer Mom shrugs off this derisive mantle and keeps going.

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Know Like and T…

Know Like and Trust

30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that Grows an Audience

30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor that Grows an Audience | GiftBasketVillas News - from my home to yours | Scoop.it

Excerpted from article on Copyblogger:

“Your content is good. You know your material. You know how to put words together in a way people want to read.


No matter how strong a writer you are, you won’t grow the vibrant audience that supports your business until you fit one more piece into place.

The reality is, your audience won’t pick up real momentum until you’ve mastered the “know, like, trust” factor.


– 10 ways to get known online:
You know that high-quality content marketing attracts attention and builds your reputation — it lets people see who you are and why you’re worth listening to.
Your audience grows in proportion to the quality of content that you create and deliver.
How do you “become known?”
1. Get clear on who you’re talking to…
2. Assert expertise in your niche…
3. Create the right content…

– 10 actions to build likeability online:
A high profile alone is not enough to convert prospects into customers. You must also build relationships to nurture your likeability.
Here are ten ways to become better-liked online.
11. Be authentic…
12. Be real…
15. Be relevant…

– 10 factors that build trust with your audience:
While you’re delivering your truly valuable content, you’re not selling, but you are paving the road to eventually selling a product that’s related to your content down the line. When it comes to selling online, authority and likeability alone are rarely enough — you need to become truly trusted.
Here’s ten ways to gain trust online.
21. Give away (some of) your best stuff…
22. Don’t disappoint…
23. Be consistently good…

Check out the original article to read full list and more information here:


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