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Mother’s Day – Sunday May 13

Did you need a reminder that Sunday May 13th is Mother’s Day?  You still have time to thank her  for caring for you.

Reed B Markham clearly understands the role of a mother when he said that thoughtful mothers recognize that the joy of raising children comes in the daily journey, not in reaching a specific destination. Mothers are great for helping their young children activate their curiosity and is a child’s first creative teacher and give birth to a child’s dreams and are really the dream makers. He believed that every successful child is the product of an enthusiastic mother. Great mothers live lives of quiet optimism and hope. They recognize the unique talents each of their children possesses and provide opportunities for their children to enhance their unique talents and share them with the world.  A mother who knows makes sure their children are learning in a supportive rather than threatening environment. He also said that a  nurturing mother can get us to accomplish great achievement from a supportive environment. 

We are all a result of every experience and at this point, we choose to be the person we are and determine whether we like the person in the mirror looking back at us. Our experiences and who we are is a product of good (and sometimes not so much) nurturing mothers.

Take the time to let her know you appreciate her, let her know you understand how much she sacrificed, gave us the opportunities to use our talents, skills and follow our dreams. Send her a gift, flowers, a thank you note. If you haven’t seen her in a while, take the time to visit her. 

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Gift Basket – Individual & Business Trends

Gift Basket Business Trends

Market Analysis Summary
The gift basket industry has a few distinct segments including all-occasion gifts and baskets for individuals and customized gifts for businesses, generally known as corporate gifts. Both are typically for different reasons.

Gift Basket Villas Sports Gift Basket1Individuals typically buy the baskets when they need reach out to family and friends. Most of these sales occur during holidays or are sympathy gifts.

Corporations on the other hand, create marketing plans which may include gifts such as baskets as presents as well related to the holidays to keep in front of their customers but use them for marketing & sales to targeted customers.
There are many different “gift basket” or gourmet baskets, with a custom options at reasonable prices which may be more cost effective and leave lasting impressions.

These groups can be divided into:
Individuals- The individuals are people who are looking to give a friend, relative, colleague, etc., a gift basket as a gesture. Fairly straightforward.
Corporate – The corporate gifting service is typically utilized for token of appreciation, special event, a thank you for a customer including banks, health care, real estate, apartments, concierge at hotels, used at special events/promotions, corporate headquarters, vacation resorts members, insurance companies and auto dealerships. There are numerous industries and customer reach options.
Some companies use small “pop-by” gifts which can make marketing a whole lot more fun.

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Chemo Gift Ideas

Chemo Gifts

I believe that the Best Gift Is a Lasting Memory – laughter, kindness, handwritten notes, inspirational quotes, a book of poems.
There are times that sending a handwritten note or a card to someone who is dealing with cancer can have lasting memories. It show that you cared enough o take the time, in this crazy, busy world, to sit down at your desk to write inspirational words of encouragement. A compilation of your favorite poems or ones she may enjoy, will be something she’ll cherish for years to come.chemo
Here are some gift ideas that can inspire or cheer up a friend who is going through chemotherapy. It is at this time that she will need all the support that you can offer.

Chemo Gift Ideas

It doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be simply be:

1. A magazine subscription will keep her inspired with great stories, fashion and beauty. There are so many to choose from and this is such an affordable gift that can last a full year. She will think about your kindness every time she received this gift.
2. A series or film trilogy that she hasn’t yet seen or one she would enjoy seeing again.
3. Give Her A reason to laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine – a comedy DVD or taking her to a stand-up live show that would keep her laughing. Researchers at California’s Loma Linda University looked at adults in their 60s and 70s, measuring their stress levels and short-term memory
The study showed lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” after wLaughter1atching the videos. The non-humor group’s stress levels decreased just slightly. Other stu
dies have also shown even more health benefits of laughter. Studies found that a sense of humor can protect against heart disease, lower cortisol, lower stress, and benefits leading to a better quality of life. Incorporating time to laugh with with friends, watching comedy can enhance learning ability and memory.
4. Beauty items – i.e. nail polish or even a skin brush. One of the claims is that there are benefits to skin brushing. It can be done at home or may be offered at spas and can possibly help:
Lymphatic Support: Many lymph vessels run just below the skin and proponents of dry brushing claim that brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and help the body detoxify itself naturally.
Exfoliation: This benefit is often noticed the first time a person dry brushes. The process of running a firm, natural bristled brush over the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating skin.
Clean Pores: The added benefit of exfoliating the skin, is clearing oil, dirt and residue from the pores.
5. Mints, gum, sweets are always useful as her mouth can get really dry from the treatment and it can also affect her taste buds. Our gift basket offers chemoa variety of good and healthy snacks including peppermint candy
crystallized ginger candy and peppermint gum
6. If you’d really like to help out with chores, either offer your services or hire a cleaner for the duration of treatment.
7. If you know what she may like, go shopping for a combination of products and create your own personalized gift basket. This is not too difficult and it may not look “professional” but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a gift from your heart and she will appreciate it even more.
Whatever you decide to buy, make it personal. When you give it to her, make a cup of tea and chat over your choices. It can be items that she’ll treasure forever and it will remind her of your support during a really difficult time. After all, the best gift is a lasting memory!

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Make Thanksgiving Table Questions Fun!

I can hear the groans when the question comes up: What are you most thankful for this year?…..but the things that we hear can be amazing, fun, interesting, heart-wrenching and incredible. So, don’t pass this one up.fall002

Want to get some fun conversations going? Here are some starters:

  • Who is the most fun person at the table and why?
  • What movies did you read this year?
  • Books read and couldn’t put down?
  • Pretend you just won a million dollars. What’s the first thing you would buy?
  • If you’re not a parent , what do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent?


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Gift Giving at it’s worst.


I was reading and a woman was asked what’s the worst gift she ever received? Her answer, a rose!

A rose?

She had mentioned to her husband that she didn’t like receiving flowers, because of her love of nature, so in his mind this was something she’d appreciate – a plastic rose. I’m sure she’ll think very carefully before she speaks next time. Is this where we say – it’s the thought that counts!

I have heard that the Zen gurus say, if you see a flower that you love don’t pick it, because by picking it it dies and it ceases to be what you love.

roseI think about that every time I want to pick a flower and put it in my hair. I know it’ll be dead in a matter of minutes, but I love having a flower in my hair. It feels so exotic and I’m not yet so evolved.


A cappuccino maker?

capuccinoThis one made me laugh out loud. So what’s the problem? A cappuccino maker is such a great gift-idea. The problem was, she didn’t drink regular coffee nor even liked cappuccino. When she asked her husband about the thought behind the gift he said it’s because “you love cappuccino”. She then reminded him that that was his ex-wife! Yikes, wonder if she’s now his new ex-wife?

We all need to put some thought into gift-giving. It could have been a number of things such as a plant instead of that plastic rose or a rose clip for her hair or a scarf with pretty flowers. And sometimes we need to remember to whom we’re married.

Do any of you have a problem with being called ‘Honey’ by your husband/significant other? Would love to hear your answers.


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Best Things about Thanks-Giving.


  1. Family and Friends
  2. Creating lasting memories
  3. Family timechristmas-gift-basket
  4. Lunch, dessert, dinner and dessert again!
  5. Football
  6. Food induced coma and an afternoon nap.




Did you know?

Thanksgiving Holiday Statistics Data

  • fall3The total number of Turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving Day 51,150,000
  • Total U.S. spending on Thanksgiving dinner food $2,875,000,000
  • Average household spending on Thanksgiving dinner $56.18
  • Average household spending on Thanksgiving weekend $312
  • Number of families that will travel for Thanksgiving 39,000,000
  • Average cost per pound of Turkey $1.15